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       Registered in the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Beijing
Translation Service Beyond the Boundaries, or YHFZ, is a professional translation company
founded by the people having dozens of years’ professional translation experience,
mastering two kinds of languages, having four years’ education background abroad, and
having rich experience in managing large-scale translation company, as well as the people
graduated from the State-run key universities, majored in English, or in IT and having
good command of foreign language. The Beijing Translation Service Beyond the Boundaries
was designed to supply broad clients home and abroad with a wide spectrum of languages
and subject matters, mainly focusing on translation and interpreting services, accompanied
by a series of language-related solutions services such as Localizations of Website and
Software、Desk-Top-Publishing、Audio & Video Transcription、Voice Over、Personnel
Dispatch、Training of Translators、Teaching of Foreign Languages, etc.

      The Beijing Translation Service Beyond the Boundaries boasts an excellent
professional translation team made up of qualified and experienced translators and
interpreters. Some of them have graduated from the State-run key universities and
majored in varieties of foreign languages, have at least three years’ experiences in
translation and interpreting; others, though graduated from the State-run key
universities or colleges and majored in varieties of subject matters other than
languages, have also at least three years’ translation experience in a wide ranges of
subject matters. Our translation team is also added by some translators and interpreters
who returned from foreign countries, having worked and stayed abroad for at least three
years. To our pride, we have also established a special expert team composed of the
domestically-renowned experienced translators and proofreaders, and the native
translators and proofreaders specializing in checking and proofreading, as well as in
supervising and examining large-volume translation project.

      Sticking to the principles serving clients with the highest responsibility and
valuing qualify as life, our company exercises strict monitoring and management in all
aspects concerning quality with a sole aim: offering broad domestic and foreign clients
the highest translation services excellent in both professionalism and languages.

Unique Services

*We have developed and launched some characteristic services for you.

1. Urgent translation services featuring delivery on same day and/or next morning.

2. Daily 24-hours, Weekly 7 days, all year round services.

3. Integrated linguistic services combining the drafting of corporate documents such
    as correspondences, varieties of reports, programs, bidding documents, foreign
    trade-related documents, etc. with the translating of these documents.

4. Contrary to the false “Wai Wai Hu Yi” (translation from one foreign language into
    another) done first by translating the source foreign language into Chinese, then
    from Chinese into target foreign language, our company offers direct “Wai Wai Hu Yi”
    in some language pairs, especially the pair of English and Japanese.

5. Personalized linguistic services tailored for each and every individual private client
    or corporate client who might enjoy special translation process, special archive,
    special database, or our other resources.

6.Special measures for consistency. Try to assign a translation project only to one
    translator, instead of separating it among two or more persons. For a big project,
    select the qualified translators skilled with Trados, and supply them with
    specially-prepared terminology and the standardized translation sections which could
    be repeatedly used in the project. Try to assign a fixed translator to a longstanding
    client. The designation of a translator favored by the client is acceptable.

7. Our company also offers certificate translation and certified translation services
    granted by public security organ.

8. Unique courses for training translators & interpreters.

(1) Goal: Turn out trainees into qualified translators and interpreters.
(2) Language: Mainly English and Japanese for Chinese participants; Chinese for
(3) Trainee: English Band 4 or above, and a good command of mother tongue in reading
      and writing,
(4) Trainer: Qualified and professional translators, interpreters or teachers with at
      least 5 years of translation experience.
(5) Teaching materials: Homemade textbooks (full of translation cases) + normal
      translation textbooks.
(6) Class size: One-to-one, small group of 2 to 3, at most 5, or a class of one or two
(7) Term and time: Term: Three months, haft a year and one year. Time: Undetermined
      (Depending on different requirements and conditions of trainees)
(8) Venue: Our company or in location suitable to trainee.
(9) Results: A good command of translation knowledge and skills, competence for
      translation with medium difficulty.

       Those trainees who have graduated from our translation training courses stand good
chance to be assigned translation projects or join our company.

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