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Quality Assurance:
     For supplying clients with the best quality products and services, except the measures
for assuring quality described in other sections, we pay more attention to the following

1. Management on translators and interpreters
     The quality of human tops all factors affecting the translation quality. At YHFZ, we
only work with the professionally qualified and experienced translators and interpreters.
All the people involved in translation services have to pass strict screening and test
given by our company for confirming their real skills and qualifications. All the work
of translators and interpreters is put under the strict monitoring and supervision of our
management. Results of translators' and editors' work are evaluated and documented
on-going. Of course they will receive training and help in job or out of job. Also they
will be treated well in payment and promotion for their hard work. We are hungry and
thirsty for drawing in brightest talent in order to maintain the excellence of our
service provision and continue our expansion. A key point in managing translator and
interpreter lies in assigning the translation project to the translator or interpreter
who is also an expert in the field where the translation subject involved in.

2.About translation process
      For guaranteeing highest quality, the translation process, alike the industrial
production line, should be put under strict monitoring and supervision. We touch
importance to the overall control of translation process by appointing an experienced
project manager to oversee the whole process in detail from the receipt of translation
job to the final delivery, by enabling all staff attached to his/her post work earnestly
and correctly, by coordinating different divisions and different personnel to keep the
“production line” of translation smoothly running. Our project manager will delve
deeply into the whole translation process, handling issues, solving problems upon their
occurrence, keeping flawless connection with client and timely melting their rational
requirements in the process. The process management is a kind of monitoring under the
regulations and rules rather than under supervisors. All members of our company, be an
in-house one or a freelance one, even be a supervisor, should abide by regulations and
rules. What the project managers or translation supervisors should do is nothing but to
supervising and coordinating the work of the translators in line with the regulations and
rules, while putting these regulations and rules into practice themselves.

3. After Care Service
     Delivery of finished translation document doesn’t mean that everything is over.
If the client wants to re-check and re-proofread the delivered translation document owing
to omissions or errors caused by us, our company will respond immediately by going
through the finished document thoroughly and making amendment until meeting to or
surpass the requirements of the client without additional fee. We will also give active
response to the client’s request for amendment on finished document by adding something
to or making some changes to it, but regrettably at the cost of client.
    After the completed translation document was accepted by the client finally, the
translation project will be kept on file and put in archive, and the glossary or
terminology database, be supplemented, enriched and updated.

4. Stick to the principle “Using human to translate" 
     One of the primary principles observed by our company is that using only human
instead of machine (or translation software) to complete translation task. The machine
(or translation software) translation is far from being mature to be used for doing
translation satisfactorily. According to industrial sources, the so-called machine
translation can do translation with only a correctness rate from 0 to 40%, so it may
benefit translator for achieving speed and saving cost, but at client's expense. And
therefore for protecting the interests of clients, it was strictly forbidden in our company.
But that does not prevent us from using the CAT, such as Trados, etc. to help drive up the
efficiency and keep consistency.

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