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       The communications between different cultures is based on the languages, while the languages are expressed by different types and forms, so only by mastering different types and forms, can the communications in real sense be reached.

Personal documents:
       Private correspondence¡¢certifications and identifications.

Social correspondence:
       Letters of invitation¡¢thank-you letters¡¢letters of congratulation¡¢letters of
condolence¡¢letters of consolation¡¢letters of introduction¡¢letters of recommendation¡¢
letters of application for study abroad¡¢letters of application for a position¡¢letters
of admission¡¢letters of employment¡¢letters of resignation¡¢letters of inquiry¡¢letters
of apologies¡¢letters of advice¡¢letters of information¡¢speeches on special occasions.

Corporation documents:
       Corporate correspondence¡¢varieties of reports¡¢corporate introduction¡¢
conference records¡¢corporate regulations and rules¡¢board documents¡¢product catalogs
and brochures.

Marketing documents:
       Advertisements and TV commercials¡¢posters¡¢feasibility study reports¡¢planning
of market¡¢market investigation reports¡¢brochures of apartment & villa¡¢notice¡¢menu.

Financial documents:
       Financial statements¡¢IOU¡¢receipts¡¢financial reports(balance sheet¡¢income
statement¡¢profit and loss statement¡¢statement of earnings and retained earnings, etc.)¡¢
capital budget¡¢bill of exchange draft.

Legal documents:
       Contract¡¢agreement¡¢letter of intention¡¢documents of tendering and bidding¡¢
international and national standards¡¢provincial or municipal level and industrial

Commercial documents:
       Invoice¡¢bills of lading¡¢shipping notice¡¢L/C¡¢insurance policy¡¢export license¡¢
certificate of origin¡¢inspection certificate¡¢packing list¡¢goods declaration.

Bank notes:
       Declaration form¡¢bills of payment¡¢daily-used bank notes in export business¡¢
slips for deposit¡¢exchange memo.

Insurance documents:
       Insurance policy¡¢insurance agreement.

Technical documents:
       Operation manual¡¢maintenance manual¡¢technical specification¡¢data sheet¡¢
technical drawings and charts.

Media documents:

Academic themes:
       Research report¡¢themes.

Website contents & Software contents

Other types of documents such as slogan¡¢inscription¡¢sign and mark, etc.


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