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       Our company can supply the broad domestic and foreign clients with varieties of translation and interpreting services with our strength in expertise and strict management on quality. The interpreting services include ordinary interpreting activities,
interpreting activities at corporate level, consecutive interpreting and simultaneous
interpreting for large scale conferences and international conferences. The translation
covers a wide range of languages, subject matters and document styles. Furthermore, our
company can also provide such comprehensive services as Audio & Video Transcription、
Voice Over、Desk-Top-Publishing、Localizations of Website and Software、Personnel
Dispatch、Training of Translators、Teaching of Foreign Languages, etc.
       The followings are introductions about the interpreting and the language-related
comprehensive services, for more information about the “Languages”, “Subject matters”
and “Document styles”, please refer to other pages.

Interpreting Services:

       We offer such interpreting services covering varieties of events as follows:
       Ordinary foreign affairs-related interpreting,including the settings such as
reception, entertaining, shopping or tour guiding, etc.; corporate activities (including
opening or closing ceremonies, annual general conferences, corporate parties, etc.)
interpreting、business negotiation interpreting、small group meetings interpreting、field
service interpreting、technical seminars and training interpreting、court hearings
interpreting, telephone press conferences interpreting、new product & new technology
launch meeting interpreting、symposia & forum interpreting、medium- and large-scale
conferences consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting、as well as other
settings which need interpreting to realize communication.
       All interpreters assigned by us for offering the above-mentioned interpreting
services have four years' education background in varieties of languages, or have
experience working and living in foreign countries for at least three years, both with
minimum 3 years of interpreting experience. All our simultaneous interpreters either have
minimum four years of foreign language education background + one to two years' special
training on simultaneous interpreting, or have an experience of living and working abroad
for more than three years, both with minimum three years of simultaneous interpreting
experience. For large-scale conferences and international conferences, we just work with
the simultaneous interpreters who have extensive experience and have participated in
minimum 20 times of simultaneous interpreting activities at level of international or
large-scale conference in recent 3 years. Furthermore, as mentioned in the “Unique
Services”, our company can supply direct “Wai Wai Hu Yi” (translation from one foreign
language into another) in both translation and interpreting. The direct Wai Wai Hu Yi
(especially the language pair of English and Japanese) for both consecutive and
simultaneous interpretations will be done by our bilingual interpreter with extensive
experience covering wide range of subject matters.

Comprehensive language-related services:

     Aside from our translation businesses as above mentioned, our company extends the
following language-related package services: Audio & Video Transcription、Voice Over、
Desk-Top-Publishing、Localizations of Website and Software、Personnel Dispatch、Training of Translators、Teaching of Foreign Languages, etc.


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