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Project II

      In this part, you will find more projects our translation involved in, including a dozen of bidding, over 25 international conferences and international exhibitions, about 17 patents as well as up to 30 academic theses, etc.

Guangxi Hechi—Nanning Expressway.
Phase II Extension Project (6.Mt/a) of Huaneng Yimin Coal Electricity Co. Ltd.
International Procurement of Vehicle Equipment for Line No.5 and Extension of Line No.28 for Guangzhou Rail Traffic.
Wastewater Treatment, Operation and Maintenance of Wastewater Pump.
International Procurement of Phase I Line No.1 and Extension of Shenyang Subway.
International Procurement of Processing Center for Great Wall Motor Factory.
Design Plan of Visual Simulation System for Monitoring Flood of Yangtze River.
Mongolia Water Conservancy Project.
Iran Coal Washery.

                                             International Conference
German FISHER New Product Releasing and Annual Conference(English/Japanese Simultaneous Interpreting).
“Online Investigation Forum & CAN Releasing”(Japanese/Chinese Simultaneous Interpreting).
Mercedes-Benz-MAYBACH62S Releasing & From(English/Japanese Simultaneous Interpreting).
American EMC² Network Data Storage Solution Seminar(English/Japanese Simultaneous Interpreting).
2002 Forum of Experts and Entrepreneurs from China, America and Canada.
2004 4th International Forum of Mobile Phone.
Tianjin International Tourist Conference.
"Thinking with Chip, Driven by Chip” Seminar.
China's “11th Five-Year Plan” Power Planning and Development High Level Forum.
1st China International Tea Fair and Forum.
2nd International Logistics and Manufacturing Industry Development Forum.

                                                 International Exhibition
"Brilliant Beijing" Picture Show for Celebrating 30th Anniversary of the Normalization of Diplomatic Relations between China and Japan.
2003 Autoparts Production System Exhibition.
2003 International Robot Exhibition.
2004 6th Shanghai International Industry Exposition.
2004 5th International Natural Gas & Gasoline Stand Facilities Exhibition.
2004 China-Japan Technology Seminar and Exhibition.
2004 3rd China International Analysis & Measurement, Scientific Instrument and Laboratory Facilities Exhibition.
2004 China International Cleaning Technology and Equipment Exhibition.
2004 IT Technology Fair.
Expo 2005 Aichi - China Pavilion.
4th China International Oil & Natural Gas Pipeline Technology and Equipment Exhibition.
13th China International Medical Instrument & Facilities Exhibition.
2006 China International Energy-Power Exhibition.
26th China International Stereo, Lighting, Music Instrument and Technology Exhibition.
2008 China Cloakroom Export Fair.

Hand Cleaner and Disinfectant.
Qiuzhen Tang Brand Fresh Flower Body-Fresh Capsule.
Guozhen Pollen Pini.
Guozhen Zhukangning.
Gas Discharge Device.
Earthworm Enzyme Dried Powder.
Rotatable Bearing Supporting the Impeller Shaft of Pressure Booster.
Electric Tuner Equipped with Antenna Amplifier.
Handfree Circuit Used for Telephone.

Duplex Data Transmission Method Between Computer and Notebook.

Levono Chinese Character Input System.
Electronic-Control Stapler.
Separated Electronic Musical Instruments Keyboard.
Method for Controlling the Adding of Detergent Additive.
Butterfly valve.
Air Supply Method and Facility by Using Transfer Cannel.
Method for Extracting Lithium from Salty Water of Salt Lake.

                                                Academic Theses (I)
E-Government and Public Financial Management.
Study on the Consumer's Enquiring of Information and the Image of International Brand.
The Development of Financial Shareholding Company in China's Mainland.
China's One-Person Company.
The Method for Addressing the Issues of Entering WTO Faced by the Intermediary Sector.
Call on Developing Standardization of China's Logistics on Internet.
Automatic Recognition Technique and Logistics Standardization.
Forecasting on the Future of Fur and Leather Market.
Forecasting on the Automobile Market in China before 2012.
No-clean Technique Used in Electric Connection and Package.
Study on China's International Energy Security.
Preparing Procedure Before Trial.
Strategy of Whirlpoo's Positioning in China's Market and the Positioning of its Products.
Operation and Fund-raising of China's Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises.
Survey and Study on China's Semiconductor Market.
The Establishment of China's Credit Guarantee Scheme.

                                             Academic Theses (II)
AOTS Management Training Plan in 2004 Fiscal Year.
Interim Report on Reform of Financial System of China's Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises.
Simulation System of Matlab Analog Base Band Data Transmission.
The Development and Future of Beijing CBD Area.
Research on the Regulation Policies Governing China's Telecommunications Industry.
Testing and Solution on HDMI Ver1.3a.
Substance Field Analysis and Standard Solution.
The Related Matters About the Extradition of International Surrender.
Analysis on the Sustainable Development of Chinese Economy.
The Contacts and Tea Culture Exchanges Between China and Japan in Chinese Song Dynasty.
Strategic Development of Technology for Rational Using of Energy.
2008 Beijing Olympic and IT Industry.
Administration of Labor & Personnel Affairs and the Prevention of Contract Risks.
Current Situation Concerning the Food Security Policy of China Based on the Residue Limits of Pesticides.

      The contents listed above are only a part of the overall performances completed by
the founders of our company, which reflects our specialist experience in professional
translation and interpreting, and our dedication to accuracy, quality and service.

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