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Project I

       The Project I covers a wide range of fields such as infrastructure projects at both
state and local level、projects of real estate development and tourism development、
projects of hi-tech and software, as well as foreign technology transfer、marketing, etc.

                                      Infrastructure Projects at the State Level
Gansu Yadan State Geographic Park Solar Energy and Wind Power Hybrid Power Supply System Project Under the Grant Aid of Japanese Government.
Negotiation Between the Chinese Government and Japanese Government on the Treatment of Chemical Weapon Left Over by Japanese Army in World War II.

Internationalization of Websites of the Organs of the People's Government of China.

Construction Project of Express Highway in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region under the Loan Granted by the Asian Development Bank to China.
China International Forum on Development of Coal.
2008 China Software Export and Outsourcing Conference.
Shougan Group Strategic Moving Project (1) Construction of Shunyi Cold Rolling Plant.
Shougan Group Strategic Moving Project (2) Jing-Tang No.1 Cold Rolling Plant.
Construction of CCTV on New Site.
The Banking Operation during the Period of Olympic Games.

                                      Infrastructure Projects at the Local Level           
Shenyang Subway Construction.
Guangzhou Subway Construction.
Beijing No.1 and No.4 Subway Construction.
Tianjin Subway Construction.
Chengdu Subway Construction.
Construction of Beijing Second International Airport.
Cherry Auto's Motor Production Line Construction.
Third Phase Outdoor Construction of Beijing Shishahai Sports School.
Anhui Provincial VV Amino Acid Healthy Drink Production.
Wuhu Phase I Project of Sewage Treatment.
Cooperation on Development of Luoyuan Bay Turbine Project.

                               Development Projects of Real Estate and Tourism
2003 Autumn Office Building Recommendation Project.
Intelligent Building Project of Beijing Palace Hotel.
Comprehensive Planning and Development of Beijing and its Peripheral Area.
The Planning and Development of Beijing CBD Area.
Tianjin Modern Praca do Comercio Project.
Development of Beijing's Chief Central Villa Area.
Development of Ecological Tourism Area of Tengger Dalai & Moon Lake.
The Investment on the Real Estate in the Lingang Industrial Processing Zone of Changdao, Dalian, Liaoning Province.
Proposals on the Kick-off Ceremony of the Planning of “Common Aspiration and Common Pursuing”— Representing the Old Silk Road in 21st Century Starting at United Arab Emirates.
Introduction Campaign for Promoting the Sales of Swan Bay Apartment.

                                                    Hi-Tech & Software
Two-way Satellite DVB-RCS.
Cinlan LAN Video conferencing System.
Technical Proposal on Program of “China Mobile's Making Voice Reach Villages via Satellite”.
JOGMED's Role in Metal Mining.
Software Export of the Northeast University Software R&D Center.
KingSoft Power Word Enterprise Version.
Digital China's Software Export.
China Daheng's Cyber Sentinel.
Novoasoft's Software Export.
Outsourcing of NEC-CAS.
Localization of Japan Hudson Computer Game Software.
Localization of ACCESS Mobile IMAP Client 2.0.
Localization of ActiveX Control XGrid1.8.
Launching of Upgraded Version for Celebrating 20 Anniversary of Microsoft Widows XP Professional.
Proposals on IPO Public Relations Activities of Beijing Bank.

                                  Introduction of Technology from Abroad
Electric Beam Welder (1): Beijing Mobis Transmission Factory Phase I and Phase II.
Electric Beam Welder (2): Zhangjiagang Dayichi Autoparts Factory Phase I.
e-STORAGE Project.
Guagdong Science Center.
ESKO: BackStage Series Launching Project.
Introduction of USB 2.0/1.1 Flush Memory-Supported “Secure EasyDisk” Series.

Survey on Honda Motorbike Sales and Brand Image in China's 30 Cities.
Survey on the “Lighting Control System Market in China” by Panasonic.
Investigation on 2001 China's Computer Market.
Survey on the Users of Konica-Minolta Laser Printer.
Study on the Market of Chinese/English (English/Chinese) Computer Translation Software on Mainland of China.
Investigation on the Competitors and Market in Consultant Sector.
Investigation on the Cold/Frozen Food Industry and its Market.
Survey on the Purchasing Behaviors of Copier and Laser Printer by Foreign Users.
Second Investigation on 20 Kinds of Chemicals Selling in China's Mainland Market.
Assessment on the Results of Using Slimming Products by Chinese Women.
Project of Starting the Production of Functional Nutritious food (Nutritious Bar).
Assessment on the Potential Market of Hand-Hold TV Set and Plans on Consumer Demands.
Survey on China's Outsourcing Services Entrusted by the Japanese Financial Institution.
Launching of New Series Products of Computers by Lenovo.
Campaign for Launching Lotte's Chewing Gum Series.

      The contents listed above are only a part of the overall performances completed by
the founders of our company, which reflects our specialist experience in professional
translation and interpreting, and our dedication to accuracy, quality and service.

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