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      Some industries covered by our services are some national pillar industries such as metallurgy、iron & steel、machinery、coal、oil & gas、chemical、electronic、IT, also are some industries concerning the national economy and the people's livelihood such as
law、finance、trade、securities、trade、real estate, etc. as well as some traditional
Chinese culture, such as classic Chinese literature, traditional Chinese medicine、
martial art, etc.

    Industries Metallurgy Iron& Steel Rolling
Coal Mining Coal Transporting Cars Coal Washing
New Energy(including
wind power, solar
energy, etc.)
Subway Construction Express Way Construction
Harbor Construction
(Channel Dredging)
Shinkansen High-Speed
Railway Construction
Power Station
Cement Industrial Automatic
Process Control
System(PLC and DCS)
Robot Chemical Engineering Electrical Beam Welding
Laser Beam Welding Lap Seam Welding Automobile
Submersible Pump Architecture Petroleum
Petrochemical Industry Analytic Instrument Cleaning Technology
Environmental Protection Aviation Furnace Flame Monitor
Analogue Instrument Intelligent Instrument Intelligent Transmitter
Fur and Leather Sugar Manufacturing Dye
High Polymer Chemistry Scientific Instrument
and Laboratory

IT & Hi-tech Computer Communication Data Processing and Management
Computer Peripheral Intelligent Building Software Localization
Website Localization
Software Export and
E-Commerce Semiconductor
Bank Safe Deposit Box
ATM Equipment and
Audit Audio and Video Technique
Stereo System Data encryption

Economy & Law Operation Management Marketing
MBA Training Beijing CBD Planning
and Development
Machine Translation
International Trade Business Insurance
Hotel Law Patent
Accounting Bank

Services Medicine Pharmacy Traditional Chinese Medicine

      The contents listed above are only a part of the overall performances completed by
the founders of our company, which reflects our specialist experience in professional
translation and interpreting, and our dedication to accuracy, quality and service.

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