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Below are some useful information for you, you are suggested to have a read.

* About Time
    Time is one of the most important factors for guaranteeing the translation quality.
Because nearly 100% of the translation work will be completed by human, so giving
adequate time will be helpful to improve quality. Although we can handle rush translation
with our emergency mechanism, the clients are sincerely asked to assign their translation
projects to us as early as possible.

* About Prices
    Our company supplies clients with high quality translation services at fair and
competitive prices, which extends our kindness toward clients. Generally, good price
may not absolutely mean good quality, but too low a price must be poor quality. We
won’t win over clients and bite a bit of market shares by means of lowering prices,
 instead by our high quality products and services. Instead of compromising the quality
of translation, our fair and competitive prices are offered based on the sound control
of cost and transferring part of margin to clients.

* About Original Document 
    Because the difficult-to-read hand written documents or faxes may waste precious
time and prolong turnaround time, so easy-to-read electronic document is recommended.
If only written documents can be offered, please make sure that it is clear and
distinguishable. Furthermore, the original documents submitted by the clients should
be the final ones rather than the drafts.

* About Verbatim et Literatim 
    At YHFZ, we uphold a principle of “verbatim et literatim”,which means we make
translation truthfully on the basis of original document presented by the client into
the target language after sound understanding and comprehension. That also means we
will not make any modification on the original document unless some obvious textual errors
occurred. Paraphrasing, as a kind of translation method, can only be done under the
distinct instruction of client.

* About Confidentiality
    Our company upholds the highest professional and ethical standards to strictly
keep all information concerning the translation project secret. We practice signing
confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with both translators and clients. Our
company will adopt other security measures by segregating any persons not concerned
from entering the process of translation so as to preventing any disclosure of
confidential information. In extreme cases where strict confidentiality is needed,
our translators can work at clients' designated locations with all external communication
cut off for a period of time.

* About Disclaimer
    Our responsibilities concerning the translation completed by us are only limited
to the accuracy and the quality of the translated documents regardless of where the
original documents came from or where the translated documents will go to. We are
exempted from all liabilities, and/or duties for the infringement to intelligent property
rights, or for a failed bidding, etc., which may be caused by using the translation
documents completed by us.

* About Copyright
    For the copyright of translation works completed by our company, apart from such
works that are not used for the purpose of clients themselves, but for commercial
purposes, such as the translation of a novel from or into another language, all
copyrights belong to the clients, the owner or supplier of original materials.

* About Indiscrimination
    By supplying quality services in a wide spectrum of fields, we meet all types of
clients. Our company sticks to the principle of “Indiscrimination” toward all clients,
whether they are individuals or organizations, with no discrimination in treating them,
instead offering them same quality services.

* About Individualized Service
    Because of the diversity of clients, only the individualized services can fulfill
their requirements for translation quality. Upon accepting the assignment on translation
from client, our individualized service kicks off. First, we will work out a special
workflow most suitable to the requirements of the client. And an archive about the client
and the translation project will be kept on file. An information storage system including
glossary, terminology dedicated to the client will be built up. A qualified and
experienced translator who has a sound knowledge and expertise in the subject involving
in the translation project will be assigned. For keeping linguistic continuity and
consistency, we will try our best to fix the same translator for all projects of the
same single client. The designation on a translator favored by the client is acceptable
too. Furthermore, for preparing a translation project assigned by a client, we usually
collect much valuable information about the project and the industry, compiling them into
storage for the purpose of later use. All these information are available free of charge
to the clients we served.

* Your Help
     While doing translation, we are sometimes obsessed by such things as the foreign
names given by clients themselves, unique terminology, some idiomatic words, phrases,
or expressions used among the insiders, etc. Therefore, providing us with these useful
information along with your assignments is highly appreciated.

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