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Enterprise Translation      
       In this rapidly expanding global marketplace, multinational enterprises must adapt every facet of their corporate communications to maintain their visibility worldwide. This includes everything from product packaging and product manuals to marketing materials and public-facing websites. In order to effectively communicate with customers in each target market, businesses are challenged to not only maintain consistency across a vast array of cultures, but also a variety of file formats.
       As one of the solution providers of enterprise translation & language solutions, YHFZ is uniquely equipped to meet this challenge. Our highly-skilled project managers can assist you in streamlining all of your enterprise translation & communication needs by creating a centralized approach that helps maintain consistency while simultaneously decreasing time-to-market.
       Below, you will find brief descriptions of YHFZ's enterprise translation management solutions, which can be used alone or combined to create the ideal host of services for your organization.

Our translation services cover following fields:
       Website localization、software localization、Corporate correspondence、varieties of reports、corporate introduction、Advertisements and TV commercials、posters、feasibility study reports、planning of market、market investigation reports、brochures of apartment & villa、notice、conference records、corporate regulations and rules、board documents、product catalogs and brochures、Financial statements、IOU、receipts、financial reports(balance sheet、income statement、profit and loss statement、statement of earnings and retained earnings, etc.、capital budget、bill of exchange draft、Contract、agreement、letter of intention、documents of tendering and bidding、international and national standards、provincial or municipal level and industrial, etc.

       With a diverse array of customizable services and technologies, YHFZ serves as a one-stop shop to meet all your enterprise translation needs. By utilizing industry-leading computer-assisted translation – CAT – memory tools, YHFZ is able to maintain a database of repeated text to be used and reused over and over again, reducing your costs for future translation work and speeding up overall time-to-market. Additionally, for organizations requesting translations from several different, and sometimes dispersed, business units, YHFZ has built a client-oriented customized database and technical platform through which each user can access previously translated assets, manage terminology glossaries, and monitor ongoing translation projects. Our enterprise scale technology solutions are lightweight and configurable to almost any platform on the customer's side, and each offering is backed by our excellent technical support and 24/7 client service.

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