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When you are a little student, you are full of curiosity.  You are trying to find something new in your life. Clever  student would like to find the best way to do a thing,  because doing things in this way, their life could be  full of surprise. However, when people grow up, they  begin to lose their curiosity. What i want to tell is  very simple today. It's about my physical training of . I have found lots of methods to train myself.  And these movements can really make me stronger a lot.  Therefore, motivating your curiorsity, men! And you'll  find life could be really wonderful again.

These movements are my favorite, such as do sit-up with  my TRX pro pack, do push-up with TRX workout, and so on. You can  find a lot of ways to take exercise everyday in you  house. Sometimes you could find another person to do  exercise with you, so they can help you do something that  you can finish it by youself. Many movements can be  finished, i will not give the details about them. Just  some ideas about my training and also about the life that  we are living. It could be really wonderful.

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