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We supply clients with highly qualified services at fair rates.

Translation prices:
    The prices of each translation project depend on several factors, including the language
pairs, the word count, complexity and level of specialist knowledge, turnaround time,
format, as well as the structure of text (such as tables, drawings, graphics, charts,
formula, etc.).

Translation Rates (Dollar/1000word)


1. General: Limited budget, internal use.
2. Business: For formal usage of corporate, medium difficulty.
3. Legal、medicine、hi-tech, etc.: Also including such subjects of matters as
    traditional Chinese medicine, classic Chinese culture, etc. with much higher
    difficulty, for publication.

More explanation:

(1) Word count.
     At YHFZ, the translation prices are calculated on the basis of Chinese (whether it
is source language or target language) word count. As for the word count, it can
either be done prior to translation in case the Chinese is the source language or be
done after the translation in case the Chinese is the target language by simply going
to the "File" menu and select the "Properties" option and check the "Statistics" tab.
Word automatically counts the words and shows it on screen. Prices are quoted in
Chinese yuan per 1000 word/character in the source (or target) document.
(Caution: Microsoft Word does not count words which are in text boxes or graphics,
which should be calculated separately).

(2) Rush charge.
     Generally, the volume of a project with a medium difficulty translated by us is about
3000 Chinese characters (in case of such subjects as law, medicine, chemical, etc.,
2000 characters) in a working day (8 hours) with a guarantee for translation quality.
Surpassing this limit. rush charge will be added at a rate from 15% to 30%
(In the case an urgent translation needs working overnight, the rate doubles the
basic price).

(3) Special type’s translation
     Some special translation types are charged differently. Certificate will be charged
at 100 yuan/page, document in the format of PowerPoint, 50yuan/page, menu,
20 yuan/piece. As for naming a company in foreign language, inscription, poster,
as well as technical drawings, words in pictures, etc., the pricing depends on the
specific circumstances.

(4) Volume discount
     Special prices for big document with 80,000 words or above to be translated will be
discounted by 10%.

(5) About format
     The rates above-mentioned exclude the DTP layout fee and are based on the format
same as that of the original document.

(6) Others
     The pricing on other special translation projects or services not mentioned above
depend on the specific circumstances.

Interpretation Prices

English Interpretation Rates (Dollar/day/person)

1. The “General Interpreting” refers to the interpreting for such events as reception,
    entertaining, shopping or tour guiding, etc.

2. The “Business Interpreting” refers to varieties of settings’ interpreting at
    corporate level such as the opening or closing ceremonies, annual general conferences,
    corporate parties, business negotiation、small group meetings、field service、technical
    seminars and training、court hearings、telephone press conferences、new product &
    new technology launch meeting, etc.

3. The “Consecutive Interpreting” refers to the interpreting for such events as symposia
    & forum、medium- and large-scale conferences, etc.

4. The “Simultaneous Interpreting” refers to the interpreting working in booth for
    large-scale conferences and international conferences.

5. Interpreting assignments are charged on the basis of half day (4 hours), namely,
    0-4 hours counts half day, 4-8 hours, one day, in case over 8 hours, 200– 500 yuan
    per hour is added for overtime, depending on the languages.

6.Advance payment at a rate of 30%--50% of the contract money is needed for important
     interpreting events, while the rest should be paid off when the project completed.
     For simultaneous interpreting, we should be informed at least 10 days in advance,
     30%-50% advance charge, be paid, and a contract, be signed.

7.The charges of travel and accommodation incurred to the interpreter should be covered
     by the client.

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